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Piccolink emulator for Android

Get it on Google Play

How to install

You can install PLDroid directly from Google Play.

App is free with trial mode: you can use application with all its features for 10 minutes per week for free.


  1. Install PLDroid
  2. Start PLDroid
  3. Insert Host ip / name and its TCP -port
  4. Start using PLDroid

If you want to change settings, just go back to Settings (Menu -button -> Settings or F -> Gear icon).

Options / Features

  • Possibility to create multiple connection profiles and switch them easily
  • Option to define profile-dependent timeout [When connecting to slower hosts]
  • Optional beep on button press [Setting: Beep on button press]
  • Optional feature to approve buttons just by touch, without OK [Settings: Activate buttons by touch]


When connected to server, you can press buttons by touch or scroll through buttons/fields with volume up/down -buttons.

Barcode reading

PLDroid has integrated barcode reader. You can read barcodes using camera on your device.

If you need quicker read results, you can always use Bluetooth -connected barcode reader (for example Opticon OPN -series).

Barcode reading settings

If you are scanning in dimly lit environments, flash can be beneficial. You can enable flash (scanning light) on barcode reading screen, pressing Menu-button and selecting "Enable/disable flash". Usually keeping flash on makes barcode reading little bit faster.

On specific situations there is a possibility that barcode can be read incorrectly. If you encounter this, try "Enable/disable redundancy". When enabled, app reads barcode twice to make sure that it is read correctly. Redundancy makes reading little bit slower.


Following subscriptions are available:

  • Monthly 35€/month
  • Yearly 95€/year (prices excluding VAT)

    Subscriptions are bought directly as in-app subscriptions.

    Permanent licenses

    Single permanent licenses (1-5) can be bought using PayPal by clicking 'Buy Now' -button below.

    For larger quantities, please contact us at

    License for testing?

    If you want to test PLDroid on your own environment, please send us a request to

    We will provide you 1-week license for testing purposes.


    Support questions / feature requests on PLDroid can be asked at

    Any support regarding host-app should be directed to host-app vendor.

    Custom versions

    Want custom version for your company? Want to deploy app as .apk? Want to sell app directly to your customers?

    We can create you custom version with specific features and hardcoded settings. Describe your need in email and we'll get back to you in no time.